Halloween was on Sunday.

       Some people would say I am to old to go around to houses saying trick or treat. I say hey its free candy and it's not like they are going to refuse to give it to me. I still have a few years left in me of being able to do this.

     Going with my friends was really fun getting hyper off candy. Sharing and laughing, it really is my favorite holiday. All the best movies like "Hocus Pocus" and "The Nightmare before Christmas", "Edward Scissorhands" Come on to the TV. I was the only chick on this occasion but I enjoyed it all the same. Walking like druken idiots when we hadn't had a drop.

    Just the freedom and fear with the promise of treats is a great high for me. I love halloween and I wish that they would teach us more about it and its origin in school.
I am realizing many things about myself. (Duh.)

1. I don't like getting hugs from girls.
(Reasoning: I hug my Dad, I don't hug my mom.)

2. My favorite seasons are fall and winter.
(Reasoning: I Couldn't breathe well mostly in spring and Summer when I was lil.)

3. I say odd things.
(Reasoning: I accidently take a little of what people around me say alot, without realizing that I stole there phrases.

I'm Just wondering if anyone else out there has been finding simular things about themselves or will start thinking about them now don't really know why I'm posting this just bored I guess.