I don't know what you guys out there reading celebrate but me I celebrate Christmas ( x-mas), Whether you do or not do you have any Traditions for this time of year? Me and my mom start watching movies which I will be posting as we watch them or when I get the chance. We watch movies counting down til  x-mas. Then on christmas eve we get to open one present, a pair of Pajamas then we get to wear 'em the next day! Yay! Anyway,  Tell me what you celebrate and if there is any traditions! Ok bye for now!
Ghosts in the Gallery ~ (I forgot the name of the author  will look it up later)
Review: Jenny sent from China to live with a grandfather she knows nothing about other than the name Graymark. With her hair curled and her best dress she looks forward to a life of ease..boy was she wrong! Find out what happens to poor little Jenny.  An interesting book among other things it makes you want to keep reading as well as have your heart beat faster. It is a smaller book however the content is good. The ending is..well you'll have to read it.