I am realizing many things about myself. (Duh.)

1. I don't like getting hugs from girls.
(Reasoning: I hug my Dad, I don't hug my mom.)

2. My favorite seasons are fall and winter.
(Reasoning: I Couldn't breathe well mostly in spring and Summer when I was lil.)

3. I say odd things.
(Reasoning: I accidently take a little of what people around me say alot, without realizing that I stole there phrases.

I'm Just wondering if anyone else out there has been finding simular things about themselves or will start thinking about them now don't really know why I'm posting this just bored I guess.
7/18/2013 09:45:27 am

1. I haven't really hugged any of my friends much, so not so sure about the first one..
2. I definitely love winter because I live in Arizona and it is hot all the time. Sunshine gets really boring. I like rain and exciting weather.
3. Everything I say is something odd. Also, I have noticed that I pick up things my friends say and use it without thinking. Even online friends. I never used to use tildes or type a "e.e" face.


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