Ok, Here is some of my thoughts and expierences at this movie.
First scary movie I saw in 3D. I saw it in theatre not online (BAD STEALER PEOPLE!).

Not as much human-zombie interaction as you would hope. Although they make up for it by having all the zombies upgraded to freaking awesome zombies with funky mouth issues (other than that desire for fleshy goodness.)  It had alot of pop-up scary monster moments. This made one lady sitting next to me scream everytime even though it wasn't that horrifying she was making me jump more than the movie!

So you got these zombie dudes and this guy that goes all matrixy and says ya know what I'ma dodge bullets real fast like so they look slow that'll show em! Well he does hence the matrixyness.

Oh did I mention they have got some Doggies as well yeah they are those creepy ones this time they have upgrades too! They look like the doggies in Blade you know the kind ruff ruff.

Anyway overall it was ok but It could've had more fighting in it and a lil gore wouldnt of been too much to ask for.

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