I don't know what you guys out there reading celebrate but me I celebrate Christmas ( x-mas), Whether you do or not do you have any Traditions for this time of year? Me and my mom start watching movies which I will be posting as we watch them or when I get the chance. We watch movies counting down til  x-mas. Then on christmas eve we get to open one present, a pair of Pajamas then we get to wear 'em the next day! Yay! Anyway,  Tell me what you celebrate and if there is any traditions! Ok bye for now!
12/7/2009 07:12:46 am

thats awesome....I just love to watch fav christmas movie's especially on christmas eve and day....some egg nog and life is good!!!

1/2/2010 05:46:30 am

Happy New Year

7/18/2013 09:53:51 am

That's sounds like a lot of fun! I celebrate Christmas. My family is Italian and my mom is good at cooking, so on Christmas we usually make lasagna. On Christmas Eve, we like to go around and look at Christmas lights.


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