Waking Rainsford smiled, eyes still closed. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “What an interesting dream I’ve had.” Rainsford thought to himself. He wondered if he should tell Ivan of his interesting dream. The brute would listen to him though he was hard of hearing. Rainsford got out of bed and dressed himself, in his finest morning clothes.Walked downstairs and waited for Ivan to bring him breakfast. Ivan stumbled in with wide steps carrying a tray full of many delicious morsels.

Rainsford allowed Ivan to sit with him just this once. Rainsford began to tell Ivan of the ridiculous dream he had “I fell of a yacht, mine I suppose…” finishing with a laugh “…I killed the Zaroff fellow; the fact of the matter is the role reversal was quite intriguing.”

“I’ll admit the man Zaroff was frightening.” with a smile Rainsford ate his meal, sipping at wine. “How interesting it was that he hunted the way I do. He to had an island of horrors.” Down to the last detail the only problem was Rainsford had been the victim when in fact Zaroff was Rainsford.

Rainsford finished his meal and smiled, it was another day and he had several sailors to play with.