“We’ve got to go faster!” heart pounding, legs thrusting forward, the bow across his back feeling heavier with each step. “We can’t, I can’t go hurry you can make it.” She fell to the ground landing in the rocky earth. “I can’t leave you,” trying to stop, rocks skidding underneath him, “Were so close!”  Bursting from the earth the rusty red demon ran toward the girl fangs bore. “Go, it’ll be ok!” she knew she was lying it was only a matter of time until it would get her. “I’m sorry.” Taking one last breath he ran away from the girl leaving forever he knew his mission, yet guilt still would rear its head later.

Here are some of my wonderful what ifs’.


What if the world blew up tomorrow!

What if my dog really did eat my homework!

What if monkeys ruled the world!

What if dinosaurs still existed!

What if the moon people attack us!

What if Anne Rice is a vampire!

What if Jacob and Edward are a gay couple in disguise!

What if aliens are among us!

What if my best friend is an alien!

What if the government is putting spy cameras in the public bathrooms!

What if all people looked alike!

What if Goths’ and Preps’ got along!

What if I ran out of ideas five lines ago!

What if my name were BOB!

What if world war three started over Edward vs. Jacob fans!

What if I was rich because I owned taco bell!

What if mountain dew is really just funky pee!

What if I could see dead people!

What if I do see dead people!

What if Linkin Park and Three Days Grace made a song together!

What if Elvis really is dead!

What if you got bored and stopped reading these a while ago!

What if doggies came from a secret planet!

What if  the cookie monster and the veggie monster had a battle to the death!

What if Elmo is on drugs!

What if someone died from asking to many what if questions!

What if teachers live at the school!

What if scientists created werewolves!

What if all book characters live in parallel universe where they are real and all their stories connect and they read about our stories!

What if cookies can be made into bombs!

 What if children could be president!

What if you hate me for putting pointless things on here!

What if you won the lottery!

What if…you forget what you were about to ask as an what if!

What If  there was recess in every grade level!

What if you actually kept reading til here!

What if everyone got along in this cruel harsh world!

What if we all laughed at the same dumb joke to get money!

What if you think this is boring!

What if what if!

What if you are smiling evilly thinking of killing me!

What if I told you I just wasted a lot of your time on these pointless things just to see what kinda feedback I would get!


Tell Me what you thought of that lolz tell me if you hate me or love it or what please give me some feedback hehe sorry but that was fun to make -sticks tongue out at you-


     Normal people in the dark hidden has they’re certain “powers” as we so habitually call them or a disease. Well Lycanthropy is no disease it is in fact a gift or a curse depending how you look at it. Some find it a burden if they can’t find an older wiser one. However I say it is there choice not to find one for they are all around us.

     You as a human, unless of course your not my apologies, most likely wont find one. The werewolves have a certain glow too them through another werewolves eyes. So adolescent werewolves often notice something different but aren’t sure and don’t approach the older werewolves. 

    Eating Habits are usually wait why am I talking about eating habits this isn’t a scientist’s study. No however, werewolves eat after they change for younger ones, older wiser ones can change freely but only some, and they don’t have too eat after they change freely only on the full moon they do have to eat after changing for that change isn’t voluntary. Some people claim to be werewolves they are probably just wannabes don’t fall for it some probably are real but not most they want answers truth among the fairy tales.

    Most werewolves are not cruel or evil most are normal people in fact or they seem to be. However one thing is true about werewolves they don’t survive well on their own all those movies you saw about them being loners well, they were probably right because at the end of those movies most of them died.




She writhes in pain as her blood flows gracefully from her neck, a never-ending stream touching her blonde already grimy hair she was homeless it seems. He almost feels bad for her but she is food and that is all she is, that’s all any of them are he thinks to himself.  “Please save me God, curse him to hell!” she screams to the heavens.  




The way we walk among others it troubles me sometimes, I walk and walk and walk yet have I ever gotten anywhere? That is a question that will never truly be answered, why you ask?

            Bleeding here in this damp dark forest; I want to call for help but I can’t seem to make my mouth move. Then again who would help me and not just turn away because of what I am. Just cause’ I’m…different. It hurts badly but screaming will only make my death faster. Though I suppose it is natural to want to scream. Snapping sound could it be a traveler, lost perhaps? I was off the main trial hunting when he…hurt me in more ways than one. It’s Him I try to move away but cant for I’m too weak. “Still laying there Girl,” He says smiling slyly “good pup.” I feel tears start to build don’t let him see you cry I think to myself. He steps towards me and I almost cry. He kneels down next to me and whispers in my ear “I’m taking you back…too my home where you can get healed,” He grins “and maybe more.” His voice sounds menacing. I wish I could die now and end it now. Twigs snap as he picks me up as he stands. My eyes look to the puddle of blood where he had left me earlier.