Bleeding here in this damp dark forest; I want to call for help but I can’t seem to make my mouth move. Then again who would help me and not just turn away because of what I am. Just cause’ I’m…different. It hurts badly but screaming will only make my death faster. Though I suppose it is natural to want to scream. Snapping sound could it be a traveler, lost perhaps? I was off the main trial hunting when he…hurt me in more ways than one. It’s Him I try to move away but cant for I’m too weak. “Still laying there Girl,” He says smiling slyly “good pup.” I feel tears start to build don’t let him see you cry I think to myself. He steps towards me and I almost cry. He kneels down next to me and whispers in my ear “I’m taking you back…too my home where you can get healed,” He grins “and maybe more.” His voice sounds menacing. I wish I could die now and end it now. Twigs snap as he picks me up as he stands. My eyes look to the puddle of blood where he had left me earlier.
v dot v describes me l o l describes my hell, Y O  U spells you brb is when you leave me, v dot v you wonder why it describes me.
Remembering something that happend to you when you were young then being scared to tell anyone because your afraid of what will happen to yourself. I admit I've called them stupid just to tell but really what of when its your own personal hell.

Feeling so lost so alone, yet feeling like your on a throne
Watching they must be staring really cant you see
But no they arn't alas it must be
for the universe doesnt revolve around little ol' me...
The light fades to darkness as shadows come off the streetlights dancing around me. I breath and puffs of what seem like smoke come out but I know they are really spirits trying to find a way through this world and the next.
Hm I think this dance we share should be called a sweet caress of pain and pleasure, together we inflict unbelievable pain to satisfy our hungers. Together we endure the  others pleasure, just to get our own sweet treasure Our hungers great indeed let us bathe in pain as the pleasure flows so we may both have our own sweet treasure..


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