Scene change, scene going on infront of stage walking home from school with a friend.

Talking about some school projects and then asking how everything is at home if things got better for either of them not really saying details, then they stop and just look at eachother with understanding hug briefly then go on walking.


(at first seen) Two computers with a boy and girl sitting at them facing across from eachother lights only on them. (Song)

Hello, How ya been. Is life still ya know kindof suckin’.

Yes, it is I mean I’ll be fine, enough about mine. Hows yours?

Mine is something different that’s for sure the parents split.

So sorr


Oh..,Well who you going to stay with?

Probably my dad, mom wont take me. He’s keeping the house, shes at her friends…

Yeah I get it.


Wish we could be free, I love you.. I mean

It’s ok Late-a-lay (lately) I’ve been feeling that same way.

Anyway wanna role- play?

Sure. Let’s escape and run away.

(two actors come on stage as their characters and do the actions the others sing)

He says got to go and lights go out on him and his character instantly.

She says bye but he is already gone then the lights fade.

-Scene, her computer is gone  his is still there and in her place is a few items to create his house, His dad walks in-

He is obviously drunk and is stumbling. Tells the kid to get him a beer kid exits returning with beer bottle gives it to his dad,  his dad starts rambling about how its  the kids fault that the mom is leaving. After drinking the whole bottle down  and telling the kid to get him another the kid gets it and goes to get him another the dad accuses him of stealing his beer and that hes always drinking it and tells him to come there then he starts beating him up. The scene ends with the dad screaming at the boy to go to his room then black out.


The computers are facing opposite of eachother again. He says he had a really bad time and needs to escape they start and RP where they have swords and fight off the evil person. Again controlling by talking/singing. And other actors doing it.  Him being the “monster”.

This time she has to go her character and her fade he says bye and then he fades it opens on her house. Her mom coming in  asking for her report card, and stuff. She hands it over looking nervous. Her mom starts getting really angry and yelling at her because she got a C.  Then she starts criticizing her about her looks and how she acts she says things like she is  a “whore/slut” type things. (which she isn’t)  Saying she is too lazy and will never accomplish anything if she keeps slipping up.

It fades to black   (Act 1)

Girl sitting in class, everyone around her freezes as she breaks into song, singing about how can they not notice what is happening to her. She stands walks around, at one point screaming to teacher why cant you see! Goes back to her seat continues scribbling in her book and smiling, teacher asks her a question she gives correct answer, class ends she runs a little late a few seconds after everyone else, looks at teacher then asks about a project that is due and exits off stage.

-Scene opens on him walking around with a hoodie on pulled over his face he bumps into a teacher- the teacher tells him no hoods in school and he just keeps walking the teacher tells him to pull his hood down he does and he is bruised, the teacher keeps walking not bothering to look at him and he is covered in bruises. When they reach the opposite ends of the stage he pulls his hood back up.

Next scene he’s in class and his head is on the desk the same teacher is supervising his hood is on,- The teacher looks at him and kindof sighs it looks like  astudy hall with some students working hard and others goofing off. (everything starts going to slow-mo

 As the teacher sings, the teacher sings about how the kids are so divided in the school from the good and bad. How some are obviously doing bad things.

As he is walking he notices the bruise and notes it to himself in his song deciding to ask him to stay after class. Time speeds back up and the teacher tells him to stay after class. I few moments later the bell rings and everyone leaves as quickly as possible.

Him and the teacher talk and the teacher asks about the bruises and the kid just plays it off as whatever and leaves. The teacher says he will report it tomorrow after the kid leaves.

-Curtins close and scene happens in front.-

He’s walking then this one girl walks up to him and is kind of flirting with him and he gets embarrassed  and then some other kids come up to him and start teasing him, then they start to push him (teasing through song) And she laughs at him also because she is one of them which is shown by her hugging one of the bullies.

(While this is happening the school is being taken apart.)

He is at home, his dad is waiting for him. He has a gun in his hand.

The dad says something about his mom coming over to get her stuff. He has empty cans around him. (It’s started raining {rain noises} ) The boy says you can’t shoot me. The dad stands up Saying something like “Like Hell I can’t!” and stumbles a little the gun falling to the floor.  The boy grabs it  and points it at his dad. The dad laughs and says you wont shoot me, A door is heard opening and the kid turns you see his mom. The dad stats laughing again and telling him why would you shoot me instead of her she wants you to stay here with me anyway she doesn’t care about you. The mom tries to figure out what is happening the boy looks from both parents panicd. The lights go off first a bullet shot is heard with soft thundering in background of it.)

-Black out curtins drawn- Act 2

(Here is my idea for this part, hand out cards and ask to either check or write in who was shot, Collect cards quickly and see which gets most least whatever, deciding based on that which is most shocking. (Pre-Record three different “Newscasts” saying that a boy shot either, himself, his mom, or his dad. Having a few seats out in with the audience with the actors of the girls school in them.)

The news cast is projected like it would be if we were there for an assembly. It is saying. Unbelievably just a few counties over a boy shot (whoever) and is either going to jail or trial is pending whatever. Then it mentions abuse and if you are going through it to tell someone before it comes to something like that. Actors go out of the doors when the “assembly” ends and the projector and screen are pushed away/put back away.

The scene opens on her and her friend from before talking to eachother. They decide to tell their teacher what has been happening to them.

She is at home at the computer. She says/Sings. I really wish you were here now, a lot around me has been crazy. Some kid, he had a tough time like you. I hope wherever you are kindof worried it has been a while.. I hope you are ok..and you’ve finally escaped.

I’ll always love and remember you. –Show ends-

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