Tap Tap Tap, The words shift to the side with each Tap, Tap Tap.


The tapping doesn’t stop only the rhythm changes.

Is that tapping a sad slow song that you carefully construct.

Or a dancing party tune which you happily bounce about to with every line.

Or is it steady, consistent, controlled.

Do you listen to the taps or drown them out and assume they are still there?

Every little tap is it an escape, something else? What is it?!?!

To you is it simply work?

Do you find yourself carefully typing or do you otfen ned two gew bakc?

What type of person are you a Backspace or an Enter. Or are you simply a space trying to get by day by day. Take each word, each day as it comes,             

Tap Tap Tap, Do you shift your life? Is every new sentence Capitalized or do you simply write and go back to edit later?

Have you reached a certain kind of type where you know exactly what the story should be before you even get to the keys and the tapping, or is every word every phrase an adventure to see where you will be taken?

Is every tapping a new start or an old finish? Do you save or delete? Are your files hidden or open, Do you zip your life away or is it executable?

The Keys, the keys….are they br-broken?

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