My petpet tried to steal my Neocrunch Cereal and my mom said "Bad Boy" Or atleast she wouldve if I we had a petpet or even maybe a petpetpet. Though petpetpets arn't as cool, except in books and stuff! It's hard not being able to afford an petpet. My lil sis would love a plushie, or maybe a young petpet she'd totally go for that "Mom!" I call out depressed. "Can we get Crunchy Kacheek Cereal next time?' my mom came in the room, carrying lil sis because her paw got hurt yesterday. "No, we can't sweetie they cost more and you get alot less." She smiles. Sighing I take lil sis from her "How you doin?" "I'm fine sis!" she smiles big but we know with her bad health that a smile like that should be a rare thing. she trys to make everyone happy around her. " looks like it might snow, wouldn't that be great!" mom sighed looking out the window. "I guess dear." Oh yeah dad just got laid off, I forget." We wont be able to get the heater fixed let alone take sis to the doctor. I hope mom can get a job for the Shop Wizard. Dad worked so hard so we could make sure sis is gonna be ok. Maybe I should get a job. I'm old enough arn't I maybe I should start by babysitting. A bunch of my friends do that I bet I can work with them. Yeah! then sis could go to the doctor and get better. I only hope that snow and this time of the year make her happy until we can get enough Neopoints.

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