It’s nighttime past midnight and into the early morning hours, I can see a young boy screaming there is a man with him, I wonder who they are, where did they come from?  I look down from the gnarled tree which twists and turns beneath me, watching them. The man says over and over to the boy, “You need to calm, it will all be over soon, all over soon.” The boy’s screams carry on throughout the night. The screams are starting to hurt my ears, they are so loud such terror held within them. I  had left town, annoyed at those around me, venturing to my favorite place, Smokesly Forest.  Their lantern flickers, the light dim to begin with. I drop from my perch, curious, my landing the softest of sounds barely audible. They haven’t spotted me…yet. Suddenly the screaming stops, the young boy slain, a light thud when his body hit the ground, the vampire is smiling, a half-hearted smile. His teeth are they…no they can’t be, I think, can he be…I thought our kind destroyed them for good. The young boy’s breath is faint, I can sense his heart beating. Careful, not making a sound I move closer. The boy is so young he looks maybe ten, eleven at the most, his hair had fallen over his eyes.

“How long do you wish to stand there in the shadows?” the vampire said, sounding amused. “Err I uh” I reply  my intelligence truly shining through at this moment, I step out toward him. “B-but you’re a vampire,” I take a deep shaky breath “You should be extinct.” The vampire seemed amused by all this. “Well as I am not I don’t suppose you’d tell me what a young werewolf such as yourself is doing out here at this hour.” The vampire spoke, I couldn’t help myself I blurted out without thinking “How could you…” My voice trailed down as I looked down at myself, seeing my tail I couldn’t stop the blush from creeping across my cheeks. “Our kind should have killed you.” I muttered, as the vampire chuckled. “It’s okay, young one, I know one of your eldest pack members, we are good friends in fact, dear pup.” This confused me I wondered this must be lies…It can’t be truth. “But they told us from the stories you were..” he interrupted “It is normal for you not to trust me” Damn him. “Ah, but I am already damned aren’t I, in your books and  scrolls they teach you of us as if a scary bedtime story.” Who does this vamp think he is…? “What’s your name, Fangy” the vampire smiled his fangs flashing “Archie, my name is Archie.” I couldn’t help but giggle, leaving Archie momentarily puzzled, “Like the comic books.” I couldn’t help but continue giggling; perhaps it was my trying to deal with the unknown, this mysterious creature of legend. “Stop your giggling pup, the sun soon rises.” This caught my attention “I need to be home before sunrise,” I thought aloud since it didn’t seem to matter either way. I turned my attention to the boy “What did you do to him?” I gestured to the boy kneeling at his side, careful not to look Archie directly in the eyes, or take my eyes completely from him. “We may speak tomorrow if you wish, I will be going now, meet us here should it suit you.” And with that him and the boy vanished, “Damned Vampire.” I said, and I swear I heard laughter from the Forest itself. I start the walk back to my home, I try forcing my tail to morph away, but of course I haven’t yet mastered the art of transformation, and so my efforts are wasted. The elders have a running joke that the day I can transform is the day we live on the moon, it isn’t something that can simply be taught. Figures!

Just as the sun started to rise I reached my home, a refuge for those like me, lycanthropes, as well as others, the humans think it is a homeless shelter, I walk past numerous groups some retiring for the day others just waking, I climb the stairs to my room, grabbing some clothes from the dresser drawer before heading to the female wolf shower chamber. I couldn’t get the vampire out of my mind, it was troubling, a vampire alive. Looking around the room I make sure there is a towel and my paranoia sets in checking to make sure nobody else was in the room, which would be the last thing I needed, more people to deal with.  I walk to the faucet, turning the hot water on I run my hand under it, pulling back quickly too hot, I turn the faucet back some before hesitantly running my hand under the water, perfect. I strip down, my clothes lying in a misshapen pile on the floor; I climb into the shower letting the water wash away thoughts of peers and vampires. I grab the shampoo, scrubbing my hair, and tail, it is freaking difficult to get dirt out of my fur. I then scrub my body until my skin is pink rather than its usually pale white; it was then that I realized someone was in the room with me. Quickly rinsing I panic, who could it be. I shut the water off, shaking my tail dry I grab a towel from the pile, wrapping it around myself, my tail folding around me, looking around the room I notice Lawrence. I can’t help but sigh with relief, “Just because you’ve treated my wounds doesn’t mean you can enter the girls showering chamber!” I could feel a blush lighting up my cheeks I only hoped that the shower would hide my embarrassment. Lawrence had no excuse for the blush that spread across his face, a dark red, even on his tan skin. He stuttered “I didn’t..I mean I…I’m sorry.” Lawrence is my age..well about my age he is seventeen, I’m about sixteen though for some reason we age differently. “Could you leave, please I need to get dressed.” I said, embarrassed. Lawrence left the room, quick, he opened it just enough to leave. 

Why had he been in here anyway? Oh well. I dry off, first running my hands across my arms flicking the water down, doing the same to my legs, then gently running the towel over my body, when I got to my tail I wrapped the towel around, running it through the fur though it didn’t help much, I then rubbed my fur down so it wouldn’t look completely messy. I grab my clean clothes pulling them on, hoping that I wasn’t being punished for running off during the ceremonies, I just didn’t see the point it wasn’t as if I could participate yet. I had picked out my favorite shirt, the v-neck was just low enough to show off my chest without being uncomfortably revealing, it was red with golden designs on it though not real gold of course. I had my faded blue jeans on underneath, I then pulled my Tail through buttoning the part above it so my jeans would fit me properly. All of our clothing had adjustments made to it according to how we are structurally or rather anatomically designed. This is helpful especially to me since I haven’t mastered transformation.  I really hate this place, the people…they tease me, they make me feel like an outsider just because things can be harder for me. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for me. Lawrence makes it better..however, I can’t allow myself to let my guard down. This refuge shelters many different kinds of people, lycanthropes, anthropomorphic characters, and many others, too many to let myself be swept up in thoughts of grandeur with Lawrence at my side.  I left the bathroom, smoothing my hair down, I saw Lawrence standing there, leaning against the wall waiting for me, I looked at him puzzled. Lawrence spoke smiling a bit and in a fake scolding tone, “ The Headmaster wants you…again.” I rolled my eyes. “Any actual news for me?” He laughed a little then clearing his throat he said “What did you do this time..?” I cocked my head sideways making the best let me think impression I could before saying. “I really don’t know, he probably just made a new rule specifically for me to break, I’ll see you later, Thanks.” Lawrence then headed off to his room, a smile he tried to deny kept twitching at his lips. I walk down the corridor making my way to the Headmaster’s ornate wooden door. “Come in Ms.Knightly” the headmaster calls out in his oh-so-friendly voice, that is deep yet inviting much like the ocean on a warm summers day. Great, sneaking up on him has failed yet again! “Yes Sir,” I call out as I open the door slow then walking through the door a speak with a charming coyness one can only use when they have been in the administrators office enough to be able to get away with such a thing, “You sent Lawrence for me?”

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I gasp Archie is sitting next to him looking happy and tired. “Surprised to see me…Vespara.” What the hell is going on now?!?! I glance at the headmaster Mr.Horshe confused. “Mr. Horshe what’s going on he’s a a” “Vampire.” Mr.Horshe interrupts. “Yeah that.”  I say still a little worried. “No reason to worry Vespara” Archie says I growl slightly. “Vespara! He is our guest be nice!” Mr.Horshe says and I feel only a slight bit of his power and stop growling. “S-Sorry Archie.” I say my voice shaky. Please stop reading my mind if you can. “Ok I will all you had to do was ask.” Archie says then starts laughing and Mr.Horshe does too. I just stand there feeling uncomfortable. “Oh yes Vespara,” Mr.Horshe says after he stops laughing, running a hand through his long black hair. “Come sit near Archie, Vespara,” he says gesturing to Archie. I look at Archie and walk over slowly there is no chairs left so I sit next to his on the floor cross-legged not wanting to make the headmaster upset again.

Archie places his hand on my head and I fight the urge to rip it off. I realize its ice cold and look up at the vampire who’s looking down at me smiling. I quickly look at the headmaster only to find him grinning also. “Ummmm excuse me but what’s going on.” “ Well you see Vespara I need to warn you this probably wont be easy for you to understand just yet…”Archie says still smiling. What is it?” I say  “Vespara, Archie is your father.” Mr.Horshe says. I rip Archie’s hand off me. Then I get up in a blur and go to the corner I think someone’s calling my name, I think I’m screaming no. He can’t be he’s a vampire my father killed my mother after I was born I don’t remember but that’s what the elders always tell me he can’t have children he’s a vampire I’m a werewolf this isn’t real it must be a nightmare.

Archie looks worried he stands up and starts to take a step but in a blur the headmaster is there and whispers something in Archie’s ear I couldn’t hear anything but my own thought’s right now. Archie is gone without even a second passed he just disappears. I fall to the ground and lay there crying I think about everything that’s happened. I’ve been here since I was a baby the elders always looked at me differently I had to drink blood…but I ate like the other werewolves this can’t be happening how could he be I don’t understand.

I wake up in my bedroom don’t know how long has past I must’ve fell asleep on the floor. There’s a note written in the headmaster’s handwriting on my nightstand
  When you’ve sorted this out come see me. I know this is confusing if you have any questions come askyou will be excused from your classes today. -Headmaster Mr.Horshe. I must see him right away I get up and make the bed quickly. I check myself in the mirror and see I’m ok. I walk to the door and open it wondering about how this could’ve happened. I shut the door behind me and see a lot of people milling about the hallway. I quickly go past them trying to avoid hearing rumors spreading already. But of course I heard one. I heard she and Lawrence are dating she’s so lucky but then again he and her do go together they are both weird!

I reach the headmasters door and come in shutting the door behind me. “I’m so sorry I reacted the way I did I just…” I look down at the floor trying to stay strong for any punishment I may receive. I hear him stand and walk towards me he places a hand on my shoulder. “You reacted well Vespara I thought you would try to kill him, personally.” “I have some questions for you but also I wish to know my punishment,” I look up to meet his amber eyes. He says “There will be no punishment except to do the class work you missed now on to your questions.” “Well sir I’m wondering how if he is a vampire how he could be….father.” “Vespara please sit this will be a long talk” He motions towards the chairs and takes his hand off me. I walk towards the chairs feeling uneasy I sit in the dark wooden one with the red cushion that…Archie was sitting in before. I sit like usual with one leg bent with my foot tucked under my bottom and one leg bent up near my chest. My tail wraps around my leg. I tuck my hair behind my ear while Mr.Horshe walks over. He sits in the dark wooden one with the green cushion he sits normally.

I think I hear him say something about my mother. “What about my mother?” I say confused. “I didn’t say anything about your mother Vespara, I thought something.” I try to hide my fear but don’t succeed. “Vespara it’s ok I can explain later after your questions would you like to start asking them?” Mr.Horshe says looking a little happier than before. “Yes sir sorry for whatever I just did sir.” I say as I figure out which question to ask first. “How come he left me here alone?” I couldn’t keep the anger out of my voice though I tried. “He wasn’t in any condition to take care of you Vespara.” Mr.Horshe says sighing. “But I was his daughter and he abandoned me what could be so bad, that he would leave me.”

“His thirst was that bad Vespara…remember when you didn’t drink blood for a couple weeks and you grabbed that boy and cut him with your nails and started to drink.” Lawrence. “Yeah I remember.” I replied sadly. “Well imagine that feeling you had but ten times more strong.” I can’t believe it that would be impossible to control. “So Archie lost control?” I asked confused now. “Somewhat but not really you see the vampires are not extinct we only kill those who kill freely and messily if they keep quiet and don’t kill unless needed we don’t kill them, your father was going to lose control he killed your mother,” I cringe and he continues pausing momentarily, “right after you were born he drank her to death.” Pausing here for a breath he continued again. “Well your father went to a shelter for vampires sort of like this except its for those who feel they will soon lose control, he was still in grief and he had needed more blood since had drank from a half-human species. So he was craving human blood more than usual. The vampires own blood banks across the world so he took some of that and stayed there ‘til he was fit to leave.”

“It took him 15 years?!” I was worried now how could it take him that long. “No Vespara it didn’t he was looking for you,” Huh? Hesitating Mr.Horshe continued “He didn’t know where you had been moved too, there isn’t any that we know of like you so he thought we might’ve…killed you.” Mr.Horshe said sadly. “You thought of killing me?” I say a little worried."Vespara you must understand, we had a great debate about it that took nearly a year." Mr. Horshe seemed to be thinking of something else."Vespara your like me in the
 sense that you are not of one species,I told the council this that I had survived even
though I was shall we say reckless as a boy." he smiled warmly. I had a vision of
Mr.Horshe as a young boy his hair was down to his shoulders and he his eyes were
 warm he even had a tail and ears like a black panther. Coming out of the vision,
 "Wait then what are you a mix of, if it's not too personal, sir."
I asked wondering why weird things kept happening to me. "Black jaguar, commonly
thought of as a panther and a maylayan tiger." Mr.Horshe said softly.



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