I was very suspicious after my mother smiled and said “I WUV U!” She also had a big coffin shaped box behind her. She took a sword out from behind her. I walked backwards slowly towards the door. My mom just laughed an evil laugh. “I’m not your mother foolish child,” she said in a demonic voice. I felt something in my hand. I dared not look and take my eyes off the copy mom. I heard a whisper inside my head use it. I had never heard the voice before but yet it sounded familiar. The world seemed to slow. The thing in my hand grew too be a blade. I stabbed outward at the thing that I had thought to be my mother only moments ago.

”NO!” The thing shrieked as the blade hit its target the things heart. I watched the thing struggling on the floor. It was hissing at me suddenly I took the blade out and stabbed it in the head no doubt in my mind that it was not my mother. I held the blade in front of me pointed at the thing. I used my other hand to open the door behind me a backed out turned and ran as far as I know for my life.

I wondered why the people weren’t staring at me since I was running with a blade. But I looked down and saw that it was no longer a blade but instead a ring with a dagger shaped carving. I look back up only to find myself running into a flustered red headed boy. I ran into him we both fell to the ground the ring fell close by. “Damn you” he muttered. Then he looked up and blushed bright red. I’m sorry I didn’t mean you I mean I did but I uh err…” His words were quick and nervous like as he stood up. “Oh is this your ring?” the boy said while picking it up and examining it. “Oh yes it is I must’ve dropped it I’m sorry for running into you but I really need to be going now it was nice talking to you….” “Charles Pierce” he said. “Vespara Knightly.” I replied and took the ring from his outstretched hand. I looked to see his face and gasped. The color of his eyes was yellow but it seemed like his eyes held flames the color seemed to be fire moving within. He smiled “is something wrong?” “N-no but umm I really need to be going.”

I ran to my friend’s house “Your not going to believe me but I think a demon just attacked me.” I said once in her room out of hearing distance from her parents. “I feared this day would come,” my friend said sadly. “What?!” I asked confused she couldn’t have been there or seen could she? I looked into her blue eyes that had always seemed magical and saw what looked like water running within them. “ Veronica are you ok? What do you mean you feared this day would come?" Veronica smiles slightly as I stare at her wondering how she could smile when I have just been attacked. Veronica says in her flowing soothing voice “You are finally ready to be trained in the ways of our people.” Huh? Great I’m not the only psycho person. I should play along for now unless its not a joke…no I cant think like that its crazy talk...or is it?


“Our people?” I say trying to think if Charles Pierce has anything to do with this. Veronica smiled once again “we need to have a council meeting.” Ok…interesting a council meeting with who I wonder. “Ok I guess…where will it be and can I stay over tonight my mom is er…not at home.”


Veronica nods and walks to the door opening it. “Vespara is staying over tonight and we wont be back for a few hours!” Veronica called out to her parents. Her mom shouts back “ Ok Hun be safe and be home for supper.” Veronica comes back to me and tugs at my arm. I follow her outside and see Charles standing leaning against the Iron Gate. “Council?” he says looking straight at me. I nod not even knowing what council is. He flashes a grin that could warm even the coldest hearts. Veronica rolls her eyes and says ”don’t be fooled he would steal your money just as soon as smile like that.” Charles grins even broader then before “one time and I’m punished for life” he says chuckling.

“Shouldn’t we be getting to this council thing?” I say wanting to know more even though it might just be a joke. “Yes we should,” Veronica says and then starts to walk towards Charles “the long way or the short?” she says simply as I start to walk towards them. Charles grins devilishly “we don’t want to scare her to much before she meets Him, lets go with the long” he grins at me and wraps his arm around me. “ What the heck do you think your doing?” I say angrily. “Why escorting a beautiful lady too the council of course, ma’am. “ Charles says looking hurt. I say under my breath “stupid boy.”  Still wondering about the demon type thing that attacked me I follow along.  Maybe I was on one of those hidden camera shows, Charles might even be an actor, at least I hope this is a hidden camera show.

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