Normal people in the dark hidden has they’re certain “powers” as we so habitually call them or a disease. Well Lycanthropy is no disease it is in fact a gift or a curse depending how you look at it. Some find it a burden if they can’t find an older wiser one. However I say it is there choice not to find one for they are all around us.

     You as a human, unless of course your not my apologies, most likely wont find one. The werewolves have a certain glow too them through another werewolves eyes. So adolescent werewolves often notice something different but aren’t sure and don’t approach the older werewolves. 

    Eating Habits are usually wait why am I talking about eating habits this isn’t a scientist’s study. No however, werewolves eat after they change for younger ones, older wiser ones can change freely but only some, and they don’t have too eat after they change freely only on the full moon they do have to eat after changing for that change isn’t voluntary. Some people claim to be werewolves they are probably just wannabes don’t fall for it some probably are real but not most they want answers truth among the fairy tales.

    Most werewolves are not cruel or evil most are normal people in fact or they seem to be. However one thing is true about werewolves they don’t survive well on their own all those movies you saw about them being loners well, they were probably right because at the end of those movies most of them died.

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