I'm in a production of fiddler on the roof at my school it will be really fun and the movie is cool too will write more later!
The original Tron, I loved, The new one was ok It had an interesting plot idea but I think it could have done a better job of showing it and incorporating the old Tron. I really liked the soundtrack for the movie, It had alot of songs that fit well with the scenes. soooo ya 
Talk about stress, papers due midterms coming! That is realy tough. Been busy with the stress of Being a teen lately and all that is enough!

Don't have much time I'll add more later 1/13/11 6:10 PM
Halloween was on Sunday.

       Some people would say I am to old to go around to houses saying trick or treat. I say hey its free candy and it's not like they are going to refuse to give it to me. I still have a few years left in me of being able to do this.

     Going with my friends was really fun getting hyper off candy. Sharing and laughing, it really is my favorite holiday. All the best movies like "Hocus Pocus" and "The Nightmare before Christmas", "Edward Scissorhands" Come on to the TV. I was the only chick on this occasion but I enjoyed it all the same. Walking like druken idiots when we hadn't had a drop.

    Just the freedom and fear with the promise of treats is a great high for me. I love halloween and I wish that they would teach us more about it and its origin in school.
I am realizing many things about myself. (Duh.)

1. I don't like getting hugs from girls.
(Reasoning: I hug my Dad, I don't hug my mom.)

2. My favorite seasons are fall and winter.
(Reasoning: I Couldn't breathe well mostly in spring and Summer when I was lil.)

3. I say odd things.
(Reasoning: I accidently take a little of what people around me say alot, without realizing that I stole there phrases.

I'm Just wondering if anyone else out there has been finding simular things about themselves or will start thinking about them now don't really know why I'm posting this just bored I guess.
Ok, Here is some of my thoughts and expierences at this movie.
First scary movie I saw in 3D. I saw it in theatre not online (BAD STEALER PEOPLE!).

Not as much human-zombie interaction as you would hope. Although they make up for it by having all the zombies upgraded to freaking awesome zombies with funky mouth issues (other than that desire for fleshy goodness.)  It had alot of pop-up scary monster moments. This made one lady sitting next to me scream everytime even though it wasn't that horrifying she was making me jump more than the movie!

So you got these zombie dudes and this guy that goes all matrixy and says ya know what I'ma dodge bullets real fast like so they look slow that'll show em! Well he does hence the matrixyness.

Oh did I mention they have got some Doggies as well yeah they are those creepy ones this time they have upgrades too! They look like the doggies in Blade you know the kind ruff ruff.

Anyway overall it was ok but It could've had more fighting in it and a lil gore wouldnt of been too much to ask for.
It's school-time now. I am going to Highschool, actually already started. It's a funny thing you always think in this order.

Pre-school- Babies and Daycare
Elementry school - Kids having fun
Middle school - Big Kids with problems
High school - Teen Drama and Love
College -  Freedom, Partying
Adult - Freedom, Work

That is the general way people seem to think Atleast til they move up and sometimes even after that is the basic way of thinking. Really it's alot harder. You have to study, you have to work hard even starting at the Elementry and Preschool level. They may not count then but it will count as far as what classes you are going to get into. You have to start thinking about these things even as adults you must think about staying updated to the current information or you will fall behind.
 I'm not saying that studying will be the only thing I do during highschool. But it will definitly factor in. Studying first. What's next will have to be decided later once The school-year has really started.

Goodluck for all of you starting a New school or returning to the old one, or even just you who felt like reading this may something you work hard at succeed.

OH yeah check out my new poem on school.
I thought I felt love. I guess I was wrong even though I loved the person it turns out that they didn't love me, actually I really don't know why they said they loved me and now they don't. Maybe they love someone else, maybe they are too immature for a relationship yet. Maybe Love is just something that doesn't exist. Whenever you find someone you care about they are always the ones that hurt you the most. Maybe that person will come back or maybe I was only in their life as a joke. Who knows.. I can't hate them yet I still cried. Why is Love just something in storybooks?
Time to start Softball in gym-class. As well as show some skin or atleast not burn to death in heavy jackets ha-ha. It also means time for cleaning and sorting and all kinds of things that can be boring or fun (give or take the music and dancing out of boredom!). Who knows maybe when everything else is blossoming so will a new love..or a late one just fully developing. I think it's time to go through your books and find one that you've been meaning to read or one of your personal "classics". Got to go for now, Time to clean (what a drag).
I don't know what you guys out there reading celebrate but me I celebrate Christmas ( x-mas), Whether you do or not do you have any Traditions for this time of year? Me and my mom start watching movies which I will be posting as we watch them or when I get the chance. We watch movies counting down til  x-mas. Then on christmas eve we get to open one present, a pair of Pajamas then we get to wear 'em the next day! Yay! Anyway,  Tell me what you celebrate and if there is any traditions! Ok bye for now!